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Our company specializes in manufacturing of light emitting materials, which is a major component in production of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Panel. Comparing to LCD, OLED has proven that it’s superior in every aspect such as excellent information transmission capacity, higher brightness, light viewing angle and easier production methods. Because of its superior characteristics, it is becoming a next generation flat screen display fast to replace LCD, and many world renowned Korean companies like Samsung SDI, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and also, Japanese companies like Pioneer, Sony, Sanyo are fiercely competing with each other to gain a first foothold in this new and developing market.

Until recently, organic light emitting materials used in manufacturing of OLED Panel has been imported 100% from the United States and Japan. Although ELM was established on January, 2002, and due to our R&D efforts, in a short time, we registered seven patents and we are in the process of registering another ten patents. Meantime we are also manufacturing and supplying electrical charge transport materials( HIM,HTM) and light emitting materials (HOST) to Korean companies. At the same time, we are preparing export our products also. Through these efforts, not only we are substituting imports with domestic organic light emitting materials, but we also expect to increase national competitiveness as well.

By acquiring best R&D staff and putting even more emphasis on R&D, we will continue to play a major role in increasing competitiveness of Korean OLED industry. At the same time, With a goal of becoming a company that contributes to humanity, we will challenge ourselves even more. Please continue to watch the growth of ELM with care and concern. Once again, we like to express our gratitude for visiting our homepage, and we hope that this will be precious opportunity for our visitors also. Thanks.